Agile Paws

Welcome to Agile Paws Agility, where we emphasize the dog-human connection and celebrate the role that each plays in enjoying agility together. This exciting connection, combined with first-rate performance skills, leads to the dance that is the heart of a great agility run.

At Agile Paws Agility we ensure that your dog feels safe by providing safe equipment and by managing the working environment so that it fits your particular dog’s needs.

We use clear and positive methods to help you and your dog get the most rewarding results possible. We believe that patience and a sense of humor are the best training tools available and, that most of all, it’s important that you and your dog have fun!

At Agile Paws Agility your dog will love dog-centered learning. Our sessions are structured so that your dog can figure out what gets the reward and what doesn’t. We delight each time we see a dog respond in a way that tells us “I’ve got it. This is fun!”

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