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Kathryn Horn
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Kathryn Horn did not grow up thinking she would be a dog trainer. But, in 1987, she adopted Meiske, from the Oakland SPCA. This dog was supposed to be a couch potato while Kathryn sipped coffee, ate croissants and read good books. But things did not quite go according to Kathryn’s plans - Meiske needed both mental and physical exercise. To accommodate these needs and to boost Meiske’s confidence, they started training agility together in 1989.

In 1990, at their first trial, Meiske qualified for the USDAA Nationals. Since then Kathryn and her dogs have competed across the country, consistently achieving top placements and honors. In recent years they have stayed closer to home, enjoying local trials in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Kathryn currently resides with Flink, an Australian Kelpie who is 13 years old and has earned 8 NADAC NATCH titles and 6,000 lifetime points, and Kwiekje (okay, these are all Dutch names!), also an Australian Kelpie who competes at the Elite level in NADAC trials. Kwiekje is both fast and funny… and always finds a way to make people around her grin.

All three dogs have taught Kathryn the joy of using reward-based, dog-centered training: taking time to build foundation, cultivating teamwork (it goes both ways), maintaining a sense of humor, valuing the human/canine relationship and respecting what each canine partner brings to the “agility dance”. Her goal as a teacher is to help humans work with their dogs to build agility skills in a manner that enhances respect for and trust of the dog.


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