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Kathryn Horn
510-638-PAWS (7297)

Under the name of Paws and Cues Dog Training we offer Private In-home Training for pet dogs.

Agile Paws Agility offers Group Classes in Agility in the San Francisco East Bay. (Classes are held in Castro Valley).

Everyone is welcome at Agile Paws Agility! Whether you simply want to have a good time with your dog or you’re interested in competing, our focus-on-fun approach will accommodate you. Agility can be addictive! So we teach for fun and build skills for competition. Either way, you and your dog are sure to have a great time at Agile Paws Agility!

Learning Rather Than Teaching

Believing that what we learn “on our own” is stronger than what we are taught (fine difference, but important) we create exercises in which your dog can be successful learning. We treat mistakes as important information as well as opportunities to restructure exercises so that your dog is successful. This keeps the experience positive for both you and your dog, allowing him to figure out how to earn that next reward he knows is coming! And that is rewarding for both of you!

Humans use words to communicate. Our dogs are experts in reading and communicating with body language. You’ll learn how to use that to your agility advantage as we help you understand how your movements affect your dog’s movements and help you learn to “speak dog”. This understanding leads to the “agility dance” that makes a good run so beautiful!

Class requirements and schedule:

Castro Valley
Beginning Thursdays at 7:00pm
Intermediate Tuesdays at 8:30pm
Advanced Tuesdays at 7:00pm
Class Length:
1 hour (plus set-up/clean-up, in which everyone participates)
6 weeks (Sessions can take longer than 6 weeks due to the weather and my schedule.)
Dogs must be 1 year old, comfortable being in an off-leash situation with other dogs while continuing to pay attention to their human and have a good off leash recall (come when called).

We encourage class members to make a small investment in PVC jumps and weave poles so that they can spend time during the week working on skills that develop better if they are reinforced more often than once a week.

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